Hello, I’m Michael
Lighting Designer.


Designing the perfect show is my greatest passion. This includes every step from the initial meeting and throughout the event.

Lighting Design

Designing lighting based upon clients needs and project outlines. From festivals, to clubs, and corporate, I am able to design any size show! From the pre-visualization stage to being the operator, making a show come together is the best part!

Production Managment

Whether a venue or a tour, managing a perfect show is the most important aspect for all involved. Having someone that can advance a show, coordinate between departments, and knowing how to run a show is a critical position to have on your team.

Media Wizard

Years of experience with Resolume Arena have granted me the ability to utilize and distribute video footage, camera feeds, and more across multiple platforms and outputs!

MPCD Michael

About Me

Hey! I'm Michael, a freelance Lighting Designer, Production Manager, and Visual-Media Operator. With over two decades of experience in live events and productions, I have gained extensive knowledge to lead the team or work with your team to create any event or show.

I am primarily an MA console programmer and operator but am willing to use any console to ensure an event comes together. I specialize in making a band or client's vision come to life and become a reality!
Additionally, I enjoy the ability of programming shows for clients that have their own LD that they take on the road but are fond of my style of design.
I have been a production manager for years by providing leadership through example and hands-on training. Leading a team at a venue or on the road to ensure all departments produce a great show is a key ingredient to a perfect recipe.
All great shows need great visuals to be displayed on LED walls, projection screens, and more. I have been using Resolume Arena for years to produce and trigger graphics and visuals at precise cues to ensure the audience relates to the event they are attending. With my ability to map multiple screens of visuals through the use of Resolume, Smart LCT, and NovaLCT to produce a large scale production for events such as festivals will bring your stage to life!
Full Sail University
Associate of Science - Recording Engineering
Session Recording Mix Competition Winner

Show Production - Unofficial Lab Instructor
Lighting Theory, Automated Lighting Technology, Advanced Video Production

My Work

Below you will find some of the shows that I have provided lighting services, visual services, and production management for!

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Let's Chat

I am available for all types of events, tours, installs, and more!
phone: 610-301-2087
email: Michael@mpetersonld.com

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